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Dead Point - Ultraviolence of Grotesque (2017)

Death Metal  Hatecore / Grindcore
Date: 27 june 2017
Added: [Deleted]
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  • ARTIST: Dead Point
  • ALBUM / TITLE: Ultraviolence of Grotesque
  • COUNTRY: Россия
  • STYLE: Death Metal, Grindcore
  • DURATION: 00:49:29
  • QUALITY: 320 kbps

  • RATING: 6.5 / 2    
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  • СИДЫ:

Torrent description

01. Intro
02. Hopeless and Despair Will Come to an End...
03. Remains Just Memory of Those Who Once've Been in Here
04. Where Pleasure Is the Pain and Life Is the Death...
05. Documental Tragic Comedy
06. Simulated Life in Fictioned Realm
07. Is There Awaiting Darkness or Long-Awaited Light?
08. So One Time You'll Get What You Really Deserve
09. Beliefs Consigned and Cruel Condemned
10. Through Pain and Reborn Extending Vain Life
11. Unreserved Supremacy
12. Life Is Imminent Death and Death Is Life
13. Private Vision of Proper Soul Destination
14. We Were Sent Here for Penance for the Sins
15. Children with Guns Murdered Their Father
16. In Abyss of Essence We Trapped for a While
17. I Know One Time I'll Face You Again, Never to Lose and Scream up to the Skies
18. All Pass and Perish in the Emptiness
19. This Is Prison of Our Still-Born Universe
20. Under Siege of Tyrants and Despots We Shall Stay
21. It Is Dedicated to All That Lead Our Way
Группа DEAD POINT представляет свой третий полноформатный альбом "Ultraviolence Of Grotesque". Материал альбома можно характеризовать как death metal/grindcore/hardcore, однако группа внесла много других интересных элементов, не типичных представителям данных стилей и прошлым альбомам коллектива.

  • Dead Point - Ultraviolence of Grotesque (2017)
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