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Month's music

Black Oak Arkansas - Underdog Heroes (2019)Black Oak Arkansas - Underdog Heroes (2019) Southern Rock  Psychedelic Rock  Blues-rock
The Heavy - Sons (2019)The Heavy - Sons (2019) Indie Rock  Soul  Blues

New music

Laid Back - Healing Feeling (2019)Laid Back - Healing Feeling (2019) Synthpop  Reggae  Other Electronic
VA - The World of Neo Soul (2019)VA - The World of Neo Soul (2019) Soul  R&B (Nu Soul)


Gracias..... Estupendo recopilatorio  torrent VA - Downtown Chicago Blues (2019)
Grascias.....   torrent VA - Boom Boom: Blues Classics (2019)
DEUTSCHLAND самая удачная и клип тоже отличный !  torrent Rammstein - RAMMSTEIN [Special Edition] (lossless, 2019)
Супер!Thanks!  torrent Possessed - Revelations of Oblivion (2019)
Many thanks and congratulations for your job!!  torrent VA - Goa DNA Vol.2 (2019)
great  torrent The Samurai of Prog - Toki No Kaze (2019)
excellent  torrent Possessed - Revelations Of Oblivion (lossless, 2019)
excellent  torrent Possessed - Дискография (Lossless,1984 - 2011)
thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   torrent Skid Row - Skid Row (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (Lossless, Hi Res 1989/2019)
Thanx for sharing  torrent VA - Metallica First 5: Covered (2019)
Thanx a lot  torrent Amon Amarth - Berserker (2019)
Thanx  torrent First Signal - Line Of Fire (Japanese Edition) (2019)
great  torrent The South Austin Moonlighters - Travel Light (2019)
excellent  torrent The Dream Syndicate - These Times (lossless, 2019)

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